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Asset browser with web3

Integrates Ethereum dapps in one portal, with Uniswap integration

Reactive app

Customize to your needs, tables with filters and settings

Easy to Use

Designed for common user who want access to the crypto markets.

Flexible application

Dapp integration. Our architecture allows to integrate any future development

Fully Reactive Design

Crypto requires innovation from the ground up. Flexible User-interface to keep track of the market. Scanning digital assets, new blockchains and development in Crypto.

Easy to Use & Customize

Easy of use is the focus. The app makes it easy to find assets, and keep track of them. We care about our users.

What people are saying...

Margaret E.

"This is fantastic! Thanks so much guys!"

George S.

"Mcaps is amazing. I've been using it to trade the crypto markets like a Pro"

Satoshi Nakamoto

"Thanks so much for making Crypto available for everyone"

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